•   “Victoria’s eight-piece Motown machine the Chantrelles, on the other hand, had soul siren Chance Lovett leading the proceedings, with the audience eating up slow-cooked Memphis grit from the palm of her hand from the first song to the last. Lovett has grace, poise, and powerful pipes, and her well-dressed backing band is sympathetic to her every whim, bending and swinging the music to the funky beat.”

full article here:

  • “For a band that’s only been together about two years, The Chantrelles have gained attention and success, which is not common for most bands inVictoria’s underground scene. The eight- piece, ‘60s-soul-inspired group even landed a spot in Victoria’s only large-scale music festival, Rifflandia. “[Our invitation to the festival] involved so many different parts of the community, like restaurants and tattoo shops and ar t studios. It was really the whole community that got involved in it, which was cool,” Emily says excitedly after the band peers through the newly pressed Rifflandia magazine, which features an almost full-page entry and image of the locals.” 


    full article here:



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